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Welcome back Liam Gallagher "As You Were"

As You Were - Liam returns with his first solo album

After a summer of mega hype and lots of publicity and social media rants with his brother, Liam is finally back with his first solo album, and wait for it, it's good, in fact in parts it's very good.

As You Were
released on October 6 and available in all the usual formats, but also available as we got it in a rather sexy white vinyl deluxe boxset.

Limited edition deluxe format exclusive to Liam’s official online store.

Each As You Were Deluxe Boxset includes:

  • 12” 180g white album vinyl
  • Bonus 7” vinyl, etched on the reverse
  • Deluxe CD album
  • A5 Klaus Voormann art print
  • Printed foreword written by Tim Kessler
  • Poster
  • 20 page premium hardback book
  • Digital album 
As You Were Tracklist

1. ‘Wall Of Glass’
2. ‘Bold’
3. ‘Greedy Soul’
4. ‘Paper Crown’
5. ‘For What It’s Worth’
6. ‘When I’m In Need’
7. ‘You Better Run’
8. ‘I Get By’
9. ‘Chinatown’
10. ‘Come Back To Me’
11. ‘Universal Gleam’
12. ‘I’ve All I Need’

So is it any good ?
We give it a nostalgic 

Firstly, after the lack of success of Beady Eye and his "rest from the music business", it has to be said that his voice has of course aged and can come across occasionally a bit too nasally. But that is not a bad thing, it is, well, just Liam.  Steering clear of weak Oasis imitations, producers Greg Kurstin (Adele, Lily Allen and Foo Fighters ) and Florence + The Machine collaborator Andrew Wyatt have brought shine and production slickness to Liam’s swagger,  his rough and ready nasal rasp but retain that "up yours" attitude. And in most parts it works well and shows promise of more to come from Liam.

Certainly there’s a lot of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones here, but the glam inspired, foot-stomping tracks like ‘Greedy Soul’ makes sure this isn’t just a 2017 dad rock record but a 2017 rock record with some very strong ballads. And those ballads we dare say are fragile and better than anything Noel has banged out post  Oasis with lilting love songs such as ‘When I’m In Need’ and ‘I’ve All I Need’ .  Lyrics on many of the tracks are not the strongest, but then were they ever the most brain searching on most Oasis tracks ? 

I’ll help you fix your broken dreams
I’ll give you something you can shout about
I won’t ever let you down
— Universal Gleam

Our favourite tracks are of course the big ballsy rock ' n'  roll star-esque banging tunes like ‘Wall Of Glass’ and T-Rex inspired ‘You Better Run’ .
All in all, and to be fair, it is exactly what you'd expect. Some good songs, some decent and a couple a bit crap. Yes, it's not Radiohead so the snobs may mock it, but you know what, there is always room for a good bit of old fashioned swagger filled rock 'n' roll. And no one can doubt Liam's credentials as one of the great frontmen of all time. Nostalgic, you bet, good album, yes! So turn it up and put on yer' bucket hat.

Available on vinyl from Amazon