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42nd Anniversary of legendary first gig by the Sex Pistols


For no other reason than we love The Sex Pistols and all they stood for we thought we would mark the 42nd anniversary tonight that The Sex Pistols made their live debut at St Martin’s School Of Art in central London.

November 6 1975 to be precise is one of those seminal moments in music history and of course legend.  Over the course of little more than 15 minutes on a rainy November night in London's Charing Cross Road, four  youths with spiky haircuts and their famously troublemaking manager changed Western culture forever.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 20.04.06.png

The Sex Pistols made their live debut in the top-floor Common Room of Saint Martin's School Of Art, playing before an audience of about 20 as support to Bazooka Joe, a Fifties-based band whose  bass-player Stuart Goddard was so influenced by them he went on to transform his life as Adam Ant.

Ending in chaos after lead singer Johnny Rotten launched a physical attack on the PA system loaned by the headline act, the first Pistols gig was an example of their late manager Malcolm McLaren's lifelong dedication to involvement in events which disrupted the status quo.

What happened next and in particularly over the course of 1976 and 1977 changed the world forever and we have to be grateful for that both in terms of music and fashion but more importantly attitude, spirit and not settling for what you are given. As Johnny put it later in his career with PIL "Anger Is An Energy"

And this is our fav Pistols track, the awesome Pretty Vacant.